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Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith is a legend of the comedy stage. As a stand up, he has travelled across the country as one of the most popular alternative comics of the past three decades. His plays have received prestigious nominations and television adaptations. On the radio, he has hosted some of the most memorable segments that leave audience in stitches. So, what is Arthur Smith’s most prestigious achievement? Well, he’s the mayor of bloody Balham! According to him that is.

“There’s no doubt that if you can see the humorous side of things you can get through life easier.”

Smith is no stranger to making others laugh. He knows that when you approach life with laughter in mind, you are sure to get through anything. Smith has had a legendary career in comedy and revels on the fact that he has helped bring humour to many.

“Humour is something that will always bring people together.”

Approaching everything with a sense of humour can lighten the load of anyone. Whether leading a large group of people or simply giving a talk to one, Smith knows that it is important to allow for lightness and laughter. When you get people laughing you open them up and bring them together. Smith knows that even in the darkest of times, a little laughter can light up a room.

“One of the great consolations of the badness of life is laughter. And I always think it connects us in wonderful ways.”

Join us this week as the Mayor of Balham, Arthur Smith reflects on his career and shares some of his father’s favourite jokes. If laughter brings us all together, get prepared for a lock in, this week on The Humourology Podcast.


You can see Arthur’s superb brand-new show which tells the enthralling story of his father Syd, POW and P.C on night duty in 1950’s London – an extraordinary man who lived through extraordinary times. Syd Smith fought in El Alamein became a POW and ended the war in the notorious Colditz Castle in Germany.

See a list of upcoming gigs around the UK and book tickets here:

‘A touching and funny tribute to Arthur Smith’s own father. Beautiful.’ ***** The Times


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