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Ainsley Harriott | Smiles with a side of sunshine

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Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley Harriott has built a career on connecting with people. How does he do it? Through lightening life with laughter. He says the best thing you can do is connect through your humour and humanity. Identify the energy of the room, listen to your audience, and trust the process.

Ainsley Harriott MBE is an award-winning chef and tv personality best known for programmes like Ready Steady Cook, Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen, Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook and hundreds more. Ainsley has made a name for himself as one of the most loved and genuine figures on television. Not only is Ainsley a great chef, but he is also a champion of cooking up conversation and creating connection as well as a lifelong friend. Ainsley and I met in school and spent years together on stage as The Calypso Twins, so it is only fitting that The Humourology Podcast’s first face-to-face edition featured my former partner and fulltime friend Ainsley.

“You find a way to make people feel relaxed and easy and 99% of the time with me, it’s through humour, through happiness, through joy, and bringing a bit of smile into their life.”

Ainsley is no stranger to making others laugh. Throughout his career, Ainsley has chopped it up on televisions in every home in the country. Although his recipes are top-notch, Ainsley knows that his real success has been built on an ability to banter. While traveling the world, he has learned that laughter is the link to bond all sorts of different people. What is Ainsley’s key to making strangers comfortable? Learn to look and listen to the energy that others emit and be yourself.

Join us this week as Ainsley shares anecdotes and advice from a long career of making people smile. Want to learn the language of connection and hear two childhood chums contemplate the role of comedy in connecting across cultures while cooking up a quality conversation complete with quips, cracks, and cackles?


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Part two with Ainsley next week.

We are really excited about what’s coming up in season two, so please tell your friends and family to tune in and laugh out loud.

See you next Tuesday,


Paul x

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