#8 René Carayol | Owning your Mistakes

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René Carayol

René Carayol MBE has a voice that carries. Whether in the broadcasting booth, broadsheet or the boardroom, René believes owning your mistakes with a bit of humour is what makes a good leader. When a leader is willing to laugh with his team, René says, it “Breaks the tension. Allows everyone to breathe easily”.

René believes that the best way to reach people is through a bit of humour. In a place so uptight and serious as the business world, being able to laugh and find the humanity in the situation will make your employees more willing to work for you. René shares how a bit of humour can open your heart as well as your client’s cheque book.

“Happy people equal happy customers”

René believes the world could use a bit more humanity and its leaders a bit more humour. When you are able to own up to mistakes and use a bit of humour you can show the world that you’re human and you remind everyone else that they are too.

Listen now as this true master of the boardroom explains why, in business, good humour matters most.


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