William Hague – Using Humour to Create and Connect

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Former Secretary of State William Hague joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to discuss humour’s role in the House of Commons. Hague draws on years of experience to share how levity can engage your audience. Want to stand out and make mirthful memories for the masses? Join us this week on The Humourology podcast.

Former Foreign Secretary William Hague joins Paul Boross to discuss humour’s place in politics. Hague draws on years of experience in Parliament and Global politics to share stories of levity and laughter from his stint as Secretary of State. Hague says that a touch of mirth in the right moment can make for a memorable encounter.

“The ones who do have some humour to defuse a situation and make a connection to make a point memorable, do have an extra advantage.”

As an amazing after-dinner speaker, Hague gives advice on building a speech from the ground up. Much like a building, Hague suggests that your message is your foundation and humour can act as the window dressing. The laughter draws your listener in, and your message makes you memorable.

Hague is a firm believer that laughter is the lifeblood of creation. In both business and foreign affairs, a smile and a snicker can set up a succinct solution. Join us this week on the Humourology Podcast to learn how a bit of laughter can provide all of life’s answers.


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