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#7 Mark Bedford | Managing the Madness

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Mark Bedford

Mark playing music

Years of touring with the band Madness have taught Mark Bedford a thing or two about collaboration. Bedders believes that the key to a good band, or group of creatives, is to share a sense of humour. Mark talks about how laughter has acted as the glue that’s held the band together and the lubricant that has allowed them to slide through tough times.

“When you’re cracking a gag or laughing, you’re actually inviting people to come with you along the way.”

The difference between a team that can work together well continuously and one that is doomed for the gallows may just be how they use humour.

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Bedders talks about finding your place in a humorous group. Are you the front man delivering the gags or the bassist laying down the rhythm of laughter? Bedders says that bands who break up probably don’t share a sense of humour.

He recalls time on the road where things went wrong and how a shared sense of humour allowed him and his band mates to stay on track. Whether you are in a band or the board room, Bedford believes laughter is what creates a perfect harmony.

It doesn’t get bedder than that.

“Laughter is a mechanism that just keeps you from despair.”

Can laughter help you deal with your trebles? Don’t Fret! Join Mark Bedford and Paul Boross for a whole setlist of hits on this week’s Humourology Podcast.


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