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Marcus Brigstocke

“The best communicators in the world have to be able also to be funny.”

Marcus Brigstocke is a man of many talents. As a comic, actor, and broadcaster, he is a master of moving a mirthful message. Brigstocke knows that the best way to bring people together is with a touch of lightness and laughter.

“Humour is the sticking plaster”
Brigstocke has devoted his life to spreading laughter to the masses. Marcus’s mirthful musings make each moment more magical. For him, a good laugh is what keeps the world a bright and welcoming place.

“The magical spirit of comedy makes itself
known because it’s necessary for bleak
and terrible situations.”

Being humorous about your shortcomings is what makes you more human according to Marcus. Humour opens the door of communication in even the tensest of settings. Whether on the improv stage or the stage of global politics, the truly great leaders in life take a moment to laugh at themselves.

“If you’re incapable of finding yourself funny, or the things you do, amusing, or acknowledging that you are capable of being laughable, then a piece of your humanity is missing.”

Brigstocke provides infinite incredible insights from his years in the spotlight. No matter what role you play in this life, humour keeps the world spinning round. Get dizzy with us, this week on The Humourology Podcast.

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