John La Valle – Punch Up Your Persuasion

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Linguistics Legend and Corporate Consultant John La Valle shares his experiences using humour to build relationships and increase profits. How can language lubricate the wheels of business? Find out this week on The Humourology Podcast.

In this week’s episode of the Humourology Podcast, Paul Boross is joined by Corporate Consultant and NLP Linguistics Expert, John La Valle. The New Jersey Native shares countless stories from his storied career as a consultant. La Valle says that the key to better business lies in building relationships.

How do you build lasting relationships that bolster the bottom line? La Valle says it’s all in the language you use to draw people in.

“A lot of the humour has to do with their linguistic skills.”

Join us this week to hear how John uses human connections built on humour to hold bosses accountable.


You can find out more about John’s work by visiting these Websites


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