Kevin Day – Captivating a Crowd with Comedy – Part 2

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Influential Stand Up comedian and hit comedy writer Kevin Day returns to The Humourology Podcast to continue his conversation on a career in comedy. Day gives a masterclass on audience engagement and discusses the ins and outs of captivating a crowd.

Kevin Day returns to The Humourology Podcast to join Paul Boross to take a deep dive on audience engagement. Whether delivering a training session or performing on stage, Day gives a plethora of valuable tips and tricks to get audiences laughing and learning.

“The most efficient communicators, the most efficient training staff are the ones who can think on their feet.”
Listen how laughter, learning, and leadership work together to drive your business. Hear Kevin Day recount his career in comedy and share invaluable information from a lifetime of leading with laughter only on The Humourology Podcast.

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