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Georgie Holt

Georgina Holt is a publishing director and content expert with years of experience of what is funny. Holt has spent time perfecting her craft at huge firms like Hearst, Cosmopolitan, and Stylist. Currently, she’s caste the corporate content aside to be the Managing Director at Acast, the world’s leading podcast marketplace.
So, what does Holt look for when signing new talent? A sense of humour, of course!

“I’m looking for someone who can find the lightness of touch in situations now that often comes through humour and through someone who’s able to laugh quickly.”

When it comes to identifying and supporting great content, Holt looks for those who can tell a story. Holt says that podcasting is the perfect platform for people with a punchline.

“I think it’s just the most wonderful format for comedy, where the end user or the audience can go on their own visual journey and connect the dots of the gag via their own internal landscape.”
Holt discusses the role that humour plays in her own role as a managing director. Being able to make yourself the crux of the joke is what Holt believes makes leaders more approachable. When building a community in the workplace, Holt says humour acts as the adhesive to hold a group together.
Georgina Holt shares years of experience of how humour can help reach people. Whether as an audience of a podcast or a cast of employees, people need humour to hold on to.
“It’s about creating social bonds and social bonds help us to survive and feel part of a communicate community in a tribe in a social group”
Not many people have a warmth and wit that pervades the airways. Georgie has the most infectious laugh that will let listeners luxuriate and laugh-a-long whist learning. Enjoy.

The Humourology Podcast has been nominated by the Podcasting for Business Awards in two categories!

Thanks for your love and laughter.


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