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David Gower | Side-splitting Sledging

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David Gower

David Gower has spent his entire career with great leaders or as a great leader. What is this cricket captains key to leadership success? Gower says that the first step in leadership is listening. He knows that captains who build rapport with their teams experience great success in the boardroom and on the pitch.

David Gower is one of the country’s most stylish and capped cricket captains. He has led the England Cricket team to win the Ashes and through many terrific tests and has earned a spot in the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame. He now spends his time collating his copious knowledge for commentating on cricket.

His stage show combines humour with lessons he’s learned on the pitch. Gower knows that after a difficult test match, humour is the best way to connect a team struggling with defeat.

“Sport is one of the great generators of humour. I mean, pretty much any day each and every day, you’re in that sort of environment, at some stage, someone’s going to crack a joke.”

Throughout his career in cricket, Gower has learned what it takes to be a legendary leader. For Gower, listening and laughing are at the forefront of leadership. Whether in dressing room or the board room, hearing what your team has to say and reacting with a good sense of humour can remind everyone of your humanity. When you lead with lightness, fun is sure to follow. Gower knows that when you do your best work when you are having fun.

Join us this week to relive some of the most legendary moments in English cricket with a true captain of comedic competency. Learn to lead and listen with lightness and laughter and you too can become a credible captain of your team. See you this week on The Humourology Podcast.

You can find out more about David’s life and work in Cricket and beyond – including his superb live one-man show On The Front Foot – here:


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