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Simon Evans – Creating Confidence with Comedy

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Stand-Up Comedian Simon Evans returns to The Humourology Podcast with Paul Boross to continue his conversation about comedy, confidence, and captivating crowds.

Simon Evans is so insightful that one episode was imply not enough. On this week’s episode Simon returns to continue the conversation on confidence, comedy, and captivating crowds. He continues to share side-splitting stories from his career in comedy alongside some of the most valuable public speaking tips for captivating crowds.
For Evans, nothing is off limits while on stage. He recognizes the therapeutic value of humour. Simon says that humour can be used to poke fun at a situation, break the tension, and allow you to deal with the difficult thing you are going through.

“The ability to find humour in it is lovely, partly because everyone is slightly shocked when I tell them the story on stage. They sense the emotional gravity of it. And so of course, they’re hugely relieved when you crack a joke about it and you break that tension.”

Evans has built his career on taking the comedy stage with confidence and captivating crowds with ease. When giving an after-dinner speech or performing stand up, Evans is a firm believer that confidence is key. Simon says that committing to comedy early on is the best way to set the tone for your talk. He says that taking advantage of an aside or immediate observation is a far better tactic than starting with a prewritten joke. This shows that crowd that you are comfortable on stage and in the room and they will feed off of your confidence.

“Well, if you’re intending to be funny, then you do need to commit and try to be funny quite quickly.”

Evans shares how humour has helped humans get through the hardest times in history. Even in wartime, Evans knows that humour can be used as a tool for survival. Pulling from stories of trench warfare humour during World War II, Evans shares just how valuable humour is at helping humans survive the hard times. For Evans, humour can bridge the gap between people in conflict and bring humanity closer together.

“Humour can be a great mechanism for just getting on with life.”

Evans knows just how valuable humour can be. Whether as a source of hope or a source of income, he knows that humour can help in all walks of life. Simon suggests leaning into the humour in your life and committing to comedy with confidence. He provides a number of invaluable tips for leaders in any business to captivate their employees and inspire confidence in any crowd. For Evans, if you can command a room, you can command a board room. Hear Simon’s suggestions on how to use humour to connect with others on this week’s episode.

Join Simon Evans as he shares a collection of stories, insights, and tips that you will not find anywhere else. Evans’s insights make it easy to see just how valuable humour can be. From captivating crowds to dealing with the most difficult of times to connecting humanity on a deeper level, Simon knows just how powerful confidence and comedy can be.
Tune in this week for a continuation of a masterclass from Simon Evans. Hear tips on public speaking, learn how to use humour to unite a room around you, and see first-hand how humour has been a source of hope and survival throughout history. This really is one you cannot afford to miss. Don’t miss Simon Evans Part 2, only on The Humourology Podcast.

You can find out more about Simon on his Website

You can book tickets now for his brilliant new Edinburgh Festival show which runs from the 04 -26 August 2023 Here

‘A masterclass’ ***** (Scotsman).

‘Outstanding stuff’ ****½ (

Simon is one of the most interesting, amusing, articulate and erudite people you could hope to spend time with, and I really enjoyed our wonderfully varied conversation.

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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