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Mark Thomas – Playfully Poking People in Power

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Stand-Up Comedian and political activist Mark Thomas joins The Humourology Podcast with Paul Boross to discuss the value of comedy in building connections. From political movements to performing on the comedy stage, Thomas shares how humour can be the key to getting in with the “in” crowd.

Comedian and political activist Mark Thomas visits The Humourology Podcast for conversation with Paul Boross about the power of a joke in performance and politics. Thomas discusses the duality of humour as a tool to poke fun and connect with the crowd.

“Comedy works on all sorts of different levels. It represents all sorts of different threats. And it’s also as welcoming as it is threatening.”

Join Paul Boross and Mark Thomas for a conversation filled with side-splitting stories and a deep discussion of the value of humour in social interactions and political activism only on The Humourology Podcast.





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