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Alastair Campbell – The Rest is Persivilience

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Alastair Campbell returns to The Humourology Podcast to share insights from his new book But What Can I Do? and highlights from his podcast the Rest is Politics with Rory Stewart. Join Alastair and Paul for an insightful discussion on humour, politics, and how to turn a passion for people into a career in politics.

Alastair Campbell returns for another go at The Humourology Podcast to discuss his new book, But What Can I Do? and the intersection of leadership and humour with Paul Boross. Campbell shares a preview into his new book and shares just how important humour can be in getting through our current political landscape.

“Humour is important in perseverance. Getting through bad moments. With dark humour, the number of times you see people are in real mess, but they somehow make a joke of it.”

Join Paul Boross and Alastair Campbell for sneak peek into his new book But What Can I do? and an insightful conversation on laughter, leadership, and learning how to grow your confidence only on The Humourology Podcast.




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