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Matt Forde | Political Party Like It’s 1999

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Matt Forde

Matt Forde is one of the most impeccable political interviewers in all the country. His podcast, The Political Party, has played host to the country’s most powerful and prominent political minds. What makes Forde the best? He asks the hard-hitting questions that others do not. What makes the likes of Tony Blair, Sadiq Khan, Kier Starmer and Nicola Sturgeon so willing to answer with honesty? Forde’s sense of humour and rapport. As a comedian and incredible impressionist, Forde knows that keeping things light is the best way to let leaders open up.

Forde is a firm believer in being funny. Whether leading a country or a business, Forde knows that the best bosses are quick with a joke. For Forde, being funny is the best way to bring people with you both in a political campaign and in a business venture. Whether you work in parliament or at the office, a sense of humour can get you far.

“You know, in an office environment, if someone’s funny, they tend to be one of the most popular people in the office.”

Forde explains how the most popular people in political office use punchlines to persuade people. Campaigns that invite comedy in, tend to bring voters along too. When used appropriately, humour can make even the most unlikeable politicians positively pleasant.

Join Matt Forde and I as we explore the world of politics, humour, and communication. Learn how the most powerful politicians hone their comedy prowess to persuade people and lead parliament. It’s a positively powerful political podcast episode packed-full of punchlines and impressions, this week, only on The Humourology Podcast!


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