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The financial benefits of a humorous marketing strategy

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Jokes and ROI

Humour can help anyone find the humanity in the audiences they want to reach. When we make people laugh, we can capture their attention and inspire them to action. Marketing teams can leverage laughter to increase sales and build a brand identity that people believe in.

Use Mirth to Make Marketing Memorable

“We had to do things that had inherent humour and virality to them. And the virality, it could come from either being funny and witty, and cutting and weird, or it could come from being emotionally resonant and powerful.”- Rick Wilson,  Founder of the Lincoln Project

It is a scientific fact that you are more likely to remember things that you have laughed at. When companies approach their marketing strategy with humour in mind, they can create mirthful adverts that are sure to be memorable.

A great joke or a witty pun is more likely to stick in someone’s mind after hearing it for the first time. If your marketing approach is truly funny, many listeners may even be so inclined to share the joke with their friends. A great joke can set your advert apart from the crowd. When you make marketing memorable with mirth, you also inspire word of mouth about your company which can continue to increase your ROI.

Use Comedy to Connect to the Crowd

“It seems that being weird or resonant could take a lot of hard work and research, whereas being funny could be equally effective and much easier to achieve.” – Paul Boross, Humourology.

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Humour is the best tool to get to the heart of humanity. When marketing relies on comedy it is more likely to establish a connection with the crowd. Laughter is the most efficient way to relate to large groups of people. Audiences are more likely to trust companies that prick the bubble of pomposity, don’t take themselves too seriously, and make people laugh.

When companies show their humanity, they are more likely to resonate with crowds. When people connect to your brand, they are more likely to invest in your product and your brand. When crowds feel comfortable with your brand, they will support you for life.

Inspire Smiles and Increase Sales

“As if I need to spell this out for you, if you want to sell more, and you want your customers to be 18% more likely to buy from you, and you could achieve that simply by smiling and approaching your work with good humour, then why wouldn’t you do that?” – Paul Boross, Humourology

In a world filled with noise from countless companies, humour can make your brand stand apart from the crowd. When companies stand apart from the crowd by making people smile, they are more like to capture customer attention. When audiences can clearly see that a company values fun, they are more likely to see the people behind the company rather than the brand as a faceless business. Inspiring smiles can help capture audience attention which can increase sales conversion and improve overall company success.

Convert Customers with Comedy

The best measure of successful marketing is how many potential customers make a purchase based on a specific campaign. When measuring customer conversion, comedy statistically knocks it out of the park. While marketing is all about evoking emotion in your audience, laughter is a proven way to make your marketing memorable while boasting a high conversion rate. Watch some examples of ads that use humour to make companies memorable Here

The next time your business needs to increase sales, invest in a marketing strategy that is full of mirth. See how quickly humour can help convert smiles to sales.

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