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Dillie Keane | Laughter is Life’s Lubricant

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Dillie Keane

“A world without laughter would be intolerable.”

Dillie Keane is a sublime songwriter, singer, actress and cabaret artiste – perhaps best known as one third of the satirical cabaret trio Fascinating Aïda, of which she is the founding member. Through her love of language, laughter and musicality, she understands the business of humour better than most and also why it is crucial to keeping your work, and your life, balanced.
Keane is full of stories, tips and techniques about how humour has helped her develop rich rapport in the sometimes weird world of work. Discover how, before show business, she worked in an office and took 15 minutes out of every hour to bring levity to the typing pool – and she was still was the most efficient typist in the company’s history!

“If you make your surroundings and your workspace pleasant, people will work better”

The offices of Dillie’s youth are decades behind her but as her joie de vivre, joyous, wild, wicked and wonderful songs pack theatres around the world, entertain royalty and get 10s of millions of YouTube views, the fundamentals of funny remain the same.

“I think laughter is a great lubricant.”

Join us this week for a full-on face-to-face with the fabulously funny and fascinating Dillie Keane.

Dip into Dillie’s remarkable repertoire here:
FASCINATING AIDA – Christmas song (
FASCINATING AIDA – Song for Tom (–wpprE)
Dillie Keane – Much more married (
Nowadays, having been a climate catastrophist for 40 years, she has an eco-blog on sustainability called (

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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