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Timeless Wisdom: Unearthing Sir Tony Robinson’s Humourolgy Gems

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laughter as a tool to pacify a room, manage stress, and bridge cultural gaps is akin to a ‘superpower’, the ability to shift the atmosphere and change someone’s state, honed through years of performances.

Often when we hear things for the first time, we can’t fully comprehend their later value. Good advice can turn invaluable in the right circumstances. I recently revisited my conversation with Sir Tony Robinson to see how his thoughts on humour held up since we last spoke. What I found upon my revisit feels more applicable now more than ever.

“Humour is just wonderful for pricking those little pomposities, fears, anxieties, and neuroses.” – Sir Tony Robinson

My conversation with Sir Tony Robinson on the Humourology podcast was an absolute delight. Tony’s career, from Shakespearean stages to the beloved Baldrick in Blackadder, is an illustrious journey filled with humour, wit, and historical adventures.

What fascinated me most was Sir Tony’s reflections on humour’s role throughout his life, from his early years to his expansive career. He reminisced about a time when families exchanged the best jokes they knew, a tradition lost in today’s world. Humour was a valued currency in his family, offering a safety net in a sometimes-overwhelming world.

The idea that humour is ingrained in our nature resonated deeply: “Humour is as much part of who we are as, as breathing and walking and seeing, and being in the joke. It’s the fizz in our lives.” It’s more than just entertainment; it’s a coping mechanism, a bonding tool, and a guide through life’s twists.

Sir Tony’s insights on the power of humour and active listening resonated deeply. He illuminated laughter’s capacity to ease tension and create connections, likening it to a ‘superpower’ shaped by years of performance, capable of transforming a room’s dynamics and influencing individuals’ states.

“Using humour can deescalate a situation,” Sir Tony Robinson highlighted emphasising humour’s ability to diffuse tensions.

Active listening, as Sir Tony suggested, extends beyond just hearing words—it encompasses observing body language, interpreting emotions, and engaging authentically. To truly grasp the essence of a conversation, whether in a one-on-one dialogue or addressing a larger audience, it’s imperative to absorb the entire energy in the room.

To cultivate active listening, consider these tips:
Presence Practice: Train yourself to focus solely on the speaker, setting aside distractions and truly engaging with their words and expressions.

Reflective Responses: Instead of preparing your response while listening, take a moment to reflect on what was said before formulating your own contribution. This allows for more authentic and thoughtful exchanges.

Empathetic Understanding: Put yourself in the speaker’s shoes, striving to comprehend not just the words but also the emotions and perspectives behind their message. This empathetic approach fosters a deeper connection and understanding of their viewpoint.

And the humourous touch he brought to the idea of someone taking notes to engage in casual conversation at a pub was classic Sir Tony. It lightened the atmosphere, reminding us not to overthink simple social interactions.


While Humourology often focuses on the value of humour in business, Sir Tony Robinson reminded me and all of our listeners just how valuable a laugh is in daily life. From building relationships to breaking down barriers, sharing a smile can save us from surefire struggles.

This conversation with Sir Tony Robinson was a reminder of humour’s power, not just for entertainment but as an integral part of being human. It’s in the shared laughter, the ability to navigate life with humour, and the joy of being in on the joke. Whether it’s a re-listen or a first-time listen, this podcast is a journey through humour, wisdom, and the sheer joy of embracing life’s lighter side.

See you next Tuesday,


Paul x


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