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Penny Mallory | Chuckling to the Checkered Flag

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Penny Mallory

Penny Mallory is a master of mental toughness. As a former rally car driver, an author, and a keynote speaker, Penny has built her career with a champion’s mindset. How can the world’s most elite competitors excel in their field? Penny says to lead with lightness.

“You can’t take life too seriously and give any space for joy and laughter. So, you have just got to unlearn the seriousness and to let the lightest stuff take more space in your life.”

Penny learned the value of humour early in life. Her difficult childhood made her no stranger to hard times. It was here where she now realises that, on some level, humour to helped her through. Leaning on lightness while learning to be relentless has served Penny well as she has spent the last few decades destroying expectations and being elite.

Penny knows that in business, humour is what helps lighten the mood. When things get stressful, a sense of humour can be there to raise resilience and keep people relentless. When leaders are challenged, Penny knows that leaving room for a sense of humour can keep creative teams going.

“Happy people are more productive. Happy people are nice to be around. If you have people that are nice to be around, you’re going to attract the best people around.”

Join us as Penny Mallory shares her stories of success and remembers the resilience of a good laugh, only on The Humourology Podcast.


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