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There’s Nothing Woo-Woo About Breathing Exercises

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Julia Bradbury joined us on the Humourology podcast to chat about everything from sibling relationships, walking in nature to her breast cancer diagnosis.

The first episode of our new Humourology season launched last week and I was thrilled to have Julia Bradbury as our first guest. Julia showed us how she has taken devastating news and turned it into an opportunity to create something that has not only benefited herself but countless others. Her natural warmth, ability to learn from her experiences and drive to share her knowledge all wrapped up together with a wonderful sense of humour and infectious laugh makes her a true Humourologist!

Science has told us for centuries that walking just a few minutes a day can help improve your mood. Exploring the outdoors and soaking up nature is a great way to break up the monotony of your day while increasing the amount of dopamine and serotonin in your brain.

Julia said it best herself,

“We know that if you can spend five minutes in the morning being mindful, if you can close your eyes and you can just listen to the sounds around you, concentrate on your breathing. Same if you’re outside and if you’re walking, if you can concentrate on the steps that you’re taking and listen to the birds and listen to the breeze and the leaves, we know that that has a positive impact on brain chemistry.”

Julia Bradbury is a long-time presenter on the small screen for the BBC, ITV, and Channel 5. She is best known for elevating the simple act of walking into a tool for healing and adventure. You can find her travelling the globe on televisions across the country as a presenter for Country File, Britain’s Best Walks and Wainwright Walks In The Lake District, just to name a few.

When she isn’t strolling around a picturesque countryside, you can find her incredible story in her books. The Sunday Times Bestseller Walk Yourself Happy is her latest endeavour in which she lays the framework for finding happiness and building resilience through the walk of life.

Her wonderful website, The Outdoor Guide, is an overflowing resource for those looking to find solace with a stroll through nature. The site provides users with a collection of walking routes throughout the country and even includes the best places to stop along the way. With Julia’s help. you are sure to find a lovely, guided walk near you.

The Outdoor Guide is also a fantastic resource when it comes to learning the story behind this leader of leisurely strolls. Julia’s story is truly an inspiration and we are so grateful to add her insight to the already glowing collection of past Humourology guests.

In 2021, Julia was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Being ever resilient, Julia turned to find comfort and healing in the place she knew best, nature. Her journey with cancer has been documented in ITV1’s “Julia Bradbury – Breast Cancer & Me” which has since been nominated for a National Television Award.

Humourology’s history has been filled with humans who have found the value in humour. Whether in the workplace, on the stage, on the pitch, or in their personal lives, our guestlist of leaders have shown us just how valuable having a laugh can be. Julia Bradbury is no different.

Hear how Julia’s journey has included humour as a tool for healing. Tune in to learn just how valuable humour can be through life’s hardest moments. She is an absolute inspiration and gives so many tips and techniques to help you overcome the toughest of circumstances. Her warmth and positivity shine through and you can’t help but be moved by marvellous modes of positivity.

We are so excited to share this one with you. Our guests this season are sure to fill your mind with invaluable insights and your gut with endless laughter. If you have listened to the Humourology Podcast in the past, I want to personally invite you back to hear all of the wonderful moments you have come to love with each week’s episode. If you have not yet had the opportunity to listen, take this as an invitation to hear what you have missed out on. Once you have a listen to our inspiring and insightful guests, you won’t want to miss what’s in store this week.

You can find The Humourology Podcast on or wherever you get your podcasts. Queue up the new season as quickly as you can because you will not want to miss my conversation with Julia Bradbury and all the exciting guests on this season of The Humourology Podcast.

See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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