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Learn the Magic of Likeablity – an Interview with Professor Richard Wiseman

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Captivating a crowd and creating valuable connections is a powerful way to get your message across.

Whether you are performing on a stage or working a boardroom, likeability is a key factor in success. 

The KLT factor, or Know, Like, Trust, is a psychological and marketing strategy that shows that people and clients alike are more likely to build trust if they like the person first. The KLT factor shows us that trust is most easily obtained for brands and individuals that ooze likeability.

Our latest guest on The Humourology Podcast, Doctor Richard Wiseman, is a firm believer that likability and humour are key factors in building trust with colleagues, clients, and your general audience. While getting the laugh can be a thrill, learning how to be likeable is far more important when it comes to building trust.

Doctor Richard Wiseman is an experimental psychologist and author who is known around the world for his experimental psychology in the subjects of humour, deception, and success. His new book, Magic Your Mind Happy: Amazing magic tricks for happiness, confidence and calm is packed full of insightful findings that can help you reach a state of consistent happiness.

Dr. Wiseman is a firm believer that happiness is a state of being that must be obtained and maintained through an understanding of the mind. For Wiseman, a state of joy can serve as a tool to improve likability with those around you.

“Humour is so important. And often you get away with all sorts of things in magic because you’re being funny and likeable, which I think will probably come up quite a lot in this interview, that humour and likability to me are bedfellows. It’s so important because you can have humour without likability and you’re not really left with very much. So, for me, it’s bringing those two things together.”

When talking about the power of humour, Dr. Wiseman says that, psychologically, there is a fine-tuned difference between humour and joyfulness. Throughout our interview, Dr. Wiseman stressed the importance of spreading joy and cheer by using humour mindfully. For Wiseman, building likability through a sense of humour is more important than being the funniest person in the room.

“I think there is another type of humour which is about bonding people together, which is about helping the group, which is about laughing at something silly rather than other people. And most of the lucky people I met were certainly cheerful and some of them were funny people. But again, those two things are quite separate. Funness, the ability to really make other people laugh and be creative and so on, I think is one skill set. Cheerfulness, which is making other people just generally feel good and being so happy and so on is a different thing.”

Join us this week for an exceptional introspection into the value of humour, joy, and likeability. Dr. Wiseman provides an invaluable list of tips and tricks to help you build and maintain a state of happiness that will directly influence your likeability while helping you build trust in both your personal and professional relationships.

Dr. Wiseman said it best when talking about the power of sharing a laugh,

“How can you make things even better for people? I mean, it’s a joy. It’s unbelievably against the odds that any of us are on this earth. What a magnificent place that we live in, and we should be celebrating that and instead we’re quite good at killing one another and being rather downbeat about everything. So yeah, hopefully, humour brings a little bit of celebration into things.”

So, I challenge you. Go forth and inject a little celebration into your life. Watch your relationships grow ever fruitful when you plant the seed of likeability.

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Paul x

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