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Laugh Your Way to Success

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How Humour Boosts Workplace Productivity

“When people laugh, they can have new ideas.” The Dalai Lama

We all love to laugh. From a psychological perspective, laughter is a valuable tool to improve our mood and increase the dopamine within our brains. When we laugh, our brains light up with all of the right stuff. Whether you are learning something new, looking to be creative, or increase your productivity in the workplace, laughter is the key to success. 

When We Laugh We Learn

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a boss, or an employee of a company, learning new things is key to your prolonged success. Laughing your way through learning a new skill is the best way to ensure that you truly grasp the new information. We often remember things better when we laugh about them. This is because the act of laughing lights up our brain and makes the content we are learning more memorable. 

Great leaders understand that laughter and learning go hand in hand. If you are looking to inspire your employees or your colleagues to learn something new, adding humour can help. When we laugh together, the shared experience of humour can help us learn while creating camaraderie and culture.

Get Creative, Collaborative, and Comedic

 “Humour is very good at creating serious thoughts, it actually helps your brain on to other matters. It encourages lateral thinking, particularly when you’re in a group of people.” – Lord William Hague

Our guest William Hague, former leader of the Conservative party, knows that humour can oil the engine of the mind and grease the wheels of social interaction. When creative teams share laughter, they are more likely to find new and fresh approaches to their problems. When we engage with humour we create a culture where everyone feels free to share their ideas. When creative teams do not fear failure, they are free to explore all of the options. 

As Moses Ma states in Psychology Today 

 “Humour, lightened mood, and mental spaciousness are important when it comes to encouraging creativity, ideation, and problem solving.”

Sharing a laugh is a surefire way to build bonds that become unbreakable in the face of roadblocks. When we use humour to see the humanity in others, we become better members of the team. Laughing your way to the solution is the best way to address challenges as a team. 

Laugh More, Do More

“You’ve got to create psychological safety and humour is a really important way to allow people to be vulnerable. Leaders in businesses will engender more trust and safety in their employees if they can also show chinks in the armour and so a quick way to show vulnerability without baring your whole soul is humour.” – Cally Beaton

Everyone loves to laugh. That’s just science. When employees engage in work within companies that encourage humour, they will enjoy coming to work and therefore be more willing to do the work. When people laugh in the workplace and with their colleagues, they are more likely to put effort into their job. They will pick up extra duties and be more willing to go along with what the boss says. Laughter also leads to longevity. Employees that like to laugh at work tend to stay in their position longer. Laughter and loyalty go hand in hand. 

Laughter can make tough situations more manageable. When we laugh our way through the hard times, it becomes easier to handle difficult tasks in the workplace. Those who use humour within their creative teams are less likely to be stopped by a difficult situation. When we laugh our way through the tough times, we are more likely to get more done in less time. 

Boost Your Productivity with Boisterous Laughter

Laughter really works on many levels. When looking to increase productivity and see success in the workplace, sharing your sense of humour is invaluable. Whether you are running a company or working as an entrepreneur, understanding how laughter can lead to a more productive workplace can help you change your company culture for the better. 

Be more creative, collaborative, and successful with Humourology.

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Paul x


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