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Dry Humour January

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Good health and good humour

How a sense of humour can help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

For most normal people, the end of January comes with a sense of disappointment. The excitement you may have felt at the birth of the new year has died down and you realise that your goal is not as easy to achieve as you thought after 3 glasses of champagne at that New Year’s Eve. If this sounds like you, fear not! Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult, but approaching your goals with a sense of humour can give you all the tools you need to succeed with a smile.

give yourself a break

Give yourself a break

Odds are you are not the only person you know who has already failed on their New Year’s Resolutions. While the idea that we are all failures may not be comforting to you, you can take comfort in the idea that the only one judging your resolute failure is you.

A sense of humour can help you give yourself a break. Remind yourself that if it were easy, you would have already done it and would not have made your resolution in the first place. Instead of becoming upset when you miss your goals, laugh off your missteps and get back on track to improvement.


Stay Resilient

Whether your resolution was to get back in the gym, read more, or attack your career goals, it can be easy to lose motivation when faced with adversity. Humour allows you to not take yourself so seriously so that you can stay motivated without feeling defeated. The path to a better You is going to come with missteps and small failures but staying resilient in the face of adversity will allow you to do the best you can with your 2023 goals.

resilience laughing

Assess and Adapt

The goals you set on January 1st may not be as plausible as you first thought. It is okay to have a laugh at your earlier ambition and reassess the situation to determine a more manageable goal. A sense of humour is the best way to approach self-reflection. When you don’t take yourself too seriously it is easier to redirect your previous goals to something more doable in the New Year.

The leadership expert John Maxwell once said

“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.”

This quote is the perfect way to approach your New Year’s goals. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves by failing at things than we would have if we were always successful. Humour can help us roll with the punches and come out of every situation. When we allow ourselves to laugh at the mistakes we have made, we can learn just how great we have the potential to be.

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Humourology Podcast

We’ve been keeping our New Year Resolution of providing you all with innovative insights and inspiration to help both you and your business succeed. To this end we have been busily recording episodes and getting the most funny and fascinating guests lined up for you in 2023 bringing you more Humourology pearls of wit and wisdom from a huge variety of people at the top of their game, in such diverse fields as entertainment, politics, journalism, sport and business.

Stop Press: New for 2023

The new season of the Humourology podcast starts next week! Watch this space for details of the stellar line up of stars joining us to talk all things bright and beautiful at the heart of humour.

See you next Tuesday. Warmest, Paul x

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