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Katrine Moholt | Laughing With The Stars

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Katrine Moholt

Katrine Moholt is an expert at being her authentic self while performing. She says that if you want to be genuine at your job, you must find the thing you really love to do. Don’t take yourself too seriously, find what makes you happy, and your authentic self will shine through.

Katrine Moholt is a Norwegian presenter and host of the Norwegian Stricly Come Dancing /Dancing with the Stars, Skal vi Danse? In addition to her hugely impress career as a tv presenter, Katríne’s album Sweethearts hit gold in only four days. What is this expert performer’s trick to making it in multiple mediums? She says it’s all about not taking yourself too seriously.

“I think that you get stronger by using humour. And to have a light attitude to life.”

Moholt uses humour in all walks of life to deal with difficult times. She uses her internal humour compass to find the jobs that make her happiest and knows that when you find the work you love, you can be your genuine self and connect with crowds on the screen and stage.

Moholt also uses humour as a way to deal with difficult times. A sense of humour and a light attitude about life has helped Katrine get through the hard stuff and into success as both a performer and a person.

“Laugh at things that can seem difficult and tomorrow there’s a new day, and we can try it again.”

Katrine’s gold-selling album Sweethearts is available on Spotify

Katrine is a much in demand awards host, after-dinner speaker and entertainer.

Katrine is an award-winning international television presenter and singer with endless talents. Her album Sweethearts went Gold in only four days. When she is not producing Gold, she can be found as the host of Norwegian TV’s long-running jakten på kjærligheten and many other primetime hit shows. She won the first season of the popular Norwegian dancing competition Skal Vi Danse? – which is Norway’s version of Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars if you’re an American – For the last ten years she has been the sparkling on-screen presenter of the show. When it comes to understanding the key components to on-screen connection, communication, and charisma this wonderfully warm and witty woman is in a class of her own.

Having worked closely with Katrine over the years, I make no secret of the fact that I consider her one of the most delightful, big hearted and beautiful people I’ve ever met in the media. There are very few big stars who are as kind, warm and effervescent offstage as they are on. Listen, learn and laugh along and you will feel her love of life and people shine through.

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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