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Omid Djalili

Omid Djalili has built a career on commanding audiences with comedy. Omid knows that captivating an audience can be done in a couple of easy steps. First, speak slowly and clearly to encourage the crowd to listen closely. Omid also suggests that you prepare two jokes in the first few minutes of your speech. The first is to engage the crowd and the second is to let them know that a joke could come at any time.
Whether on the stage or screen, Omid Djalili knows how to deliver a powerful performance packed full of punchlines. However, Omid knows that humour is just as valuable for his audiences as it is for his performance. From uniting people to helping them improve, Omid knows that laughter is the lubricant of learning and leadership.

“Humour is the one thing that knocks our divides away. Historically comedians have been attacked, put in prison, because they’re the ones who bring about the great agreement and the great unity amongst people.”
Omid talks about Humourology…
Omid has done his fair share of bringing audiences together. From the comedy stage to the screen, he is well practiced at uniting audiences with laughter. Omid knows that commanding the stage boils down to being conscious of your actions on stage. A skill that comes with years of practice and the ability to learn from your past performances.

“Don’t take yourself seriously enough where you don’t learn from your mistakes.”
Join us this week as Omid Djalili draws on years of comedy experience to discuss the power of humour in performance and the ability of laughter to bring people together across cultures. Find the Humourology Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

Omid Djalili is Britain’s funniest Iranian stand-up comedian and a hugely talented actor. His credits range from Hollywood films to television and the West End stage and recently starred in the Netflix Global drama The Letter For The King as Sir Fantumar and the HBO/BBC series His Dark Materials.

He has performed in numerous countries, including Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Canada and the USA, where he had his own HBO Special and appeared in 22 episodes of the NBC sitcom Whoopi, with Whoopi Goldberg.
In 2005, Omid picked up an international film award for Best Supporting Actor in Casanova, starring alongside Heath Ledger and Jeremy Irons. Treading the boards of live theatre, he has also appeared as Fagin in Oliver! at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London and gained rave reviews for his leading role of Tevvye in the Fiddler on The Roof at the Chichester Festival Theatre.
Omid has won numerous awards for his stand-up comedy, including an EMMA Award, Time Out Award, Royal Television Society Award and LWT Comedy Award for Best Stand-up Comedian, Spirit of the Fringe Award as well as the One World Media Award for his Channel 4 documentary, Bloody Foreigners.

You can find out more about the multi-award-winning Omid here: (

You can buy his brilliant autobiography here:

Omid is a much in demand awards host, after-dinner speaker and entertainer.

Omid Djalili

Catch Omid on The Good Times Tour at a town near you soon

We loved having Omid share his scintillating wit, wisdom and warmth and hope that you enjoy every minute of your time with him.
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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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