John Lloyd CBE – Producing the Laughs – Part One

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Award-Winning legendary producer John Lloyd CBE joins The Humourology Podcast to discuss his career of crafting comedy. When it comes to producing and presenting comedic content, John Lloyd is unmatched. From his work on Blackadder to his role as the head honcho on QI, John Lloyd knows how to get audiences interested and entertained. Join us as he pulls from a career of creativity to discuss how captivating comedy is born from cheerfulness.

Kicking off Season Three in style, with the first of a two part podcast, Paul Boross is joined by Legendary multi–BAFTA Award winning producer John Lloyd CBE. The comedic, creative, and curious talent is best known for his work on Blackadder, QI, Spitting Image, and as a presenter for BBC Radio 4’s The Museum of Curiosity. Lloyd has crafted a career that puts cheerfulness, kindness and creativity at the centre.

“In any field; business, entertainment, or in general, Humour is a terrifically good tool for solving all sorts of problems.”

Join us this week as we learn what it takes to produce a programme packed with punchlines Learn how cheerfulness and kindness go hand in hand with business and creativity.

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