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How I got to the Palace!

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I have always held the belief that everyone should have an opportunity to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

Paul at the Palace

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of receiving an MBE for my services to Business and Social Mobility at Buckingham Palace. The experience was deeply humbling, reminding me of the power of hard work, dedication, and a great sense of humour. I’d like to take you on the journey that led me to the Palace and share why I believe my approach and my life’s work is unique.

I have always held the belief that everyone should have an opportunity to improve their lives and achieve their goals. This belief has motivated my work from the beginning. My focus is on helping others and myself level-up, and I’ve spent my life dedicated to making it happen. I’ve been fortunate to lead a varied life, wearing the hats of a psychologist, comedian, and even a pop star. This diverse path has allowed me to collaborate with leaders from various fields, equipping me with skills to help people from all walks of life reach their full potential.

I firmly believe that communication and confidence are the keys to unlocking the doors to success. My journey has given me the opportunity to work with exceptional individuals in business, sports, politics, and entertainment. Through the power of psychological insights and the principles of charisma, I aspire to empower anyone, regardless of their background, to achieve their ambitions.

One statistic that has always astonished me is the number of people who fear public speaking. It’s a common challenge, but one I’ve dedicated myself to addressing. I can guide individuals on a journey from feeling fear on the stage to achieving a sense of enjoyment, and from mere competence to excellence. Humour, in this context, is an invaluable tool. It breaks down barriers, eases anxiety, and transforms the learning process into an enjoyable experience.

The Joy of Helping Others Succeed

The most fulfilling aspect of my work is helping people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. You might wonder how I found my way to the Palace. The answer is simple: I followed my passion and, along the way, assisted others on their journey to success. It’s not about self-promotion or declaring that I’m different and better; it’s about the results and the impact of the work I do. I simply found success by putting others first.

I’m here for those who seek guidance in pitching, humour, and communication. Whether you’re a leader seeking to refine your skills or someone who could use a confidence boost, I’m here, and I may be able to assist. Let’s embark on a journey of self-improvement together, much like the one that led me to Buckingham Palace.

My life’s work has been dedicated to helping others reach their full potential. While I am grateful of the honour I have received, I understand that there is still much more work to do. There are still many out there who could benefit from an improved sense of humour, confidence on the stage, and lessons in leadership that can last a lifetime. I hope to continue to grow as an effective communicator and leader in my field. I also hope that you will give me the opportunity and the pleasure to assist you in helping you reach your full potential. Whether you tune in to the Humourology Podcast, pick up one of my books, or reach out for a more personal form of coaching, I know that if we all grow together, success is soon to follow. Together, we can contribute to the world of communication and social mobility. Together, we can help the world learn to laugh, lead, and love just a little bit more.

See you next Tuesday.
Paul x

PS. After spending the day at the palace, the only thing my son chose to post on social media was this photo of legendary DJ Ken Bruce getting his honour – barely a thought for his old dad!

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