#4 Scott Quinnell | Tackling humour head on and winning!

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Scott Quinnell

It’s episode four of The Humourology Podcast, which calls for a catch-up with rugby captain, cracking character and my fellow ’School of Hard Knocks’ coach, Scott Quinnell.

There are a few people in life who embody complete charismatic congruency in everything they do, but SQ genuinely walks the walk and laughs the laugh.

On the pitch, he was completely committed and his passion for people has meant that, post pitch, he has also made a huge hit in the world of media, business and inspirational speaking. Listen to this week’s episode, he talks about how having ‘common goals’ will give your team a head start.

Paul and Scott posing for the camera, holding beers

On former England rugby captain Martin Johnson, Scott says:

“Given the choice these days, I’d rather tickle him than tackle him!”


A true ‘Leader on the Pitch’, Scott’s the rugby hard man with a soft centre. In his pre-match pep talk this week, Scott reveals how humour lets you have the upper hand and creates camaraderie. By leading with laughter, you are more likely to live life to your true potential.

As he says himself, “I think comedy is the one common denominator that will always bring us together. And because we try to make each other laugh, we have got a common goal”. To learn how to play for laughs and give your competitors a run for their money, listen in here: Become brave and ballsy to be at your best!


The love for the podcast continues to flood in. Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to take the time to leave a review.

See you next Tuesday!

Paul x

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