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Success? It’s a Shared Smile

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Always winning, always.

When we think of success, we often measure our wins by the awards, distinctions, promotions, and accolades that we receive from others. However, we must not forget about what is most important: the impact we have on those around us. Even when an award or an accolade does not make its way to your trophy case, success can still be measured by the smiles you have shared with others. Success is a shared smile.

Recently, The Humourology Podcast was up for a fan-voted award from The British Podcast Awards.

Our show and all of the great guests and moments that make it what it is, were put head-to-head with the best of the best. Even though The Humourology Podcast did not come out on top, seeing the dedication of our listeners and the encouragement of our guests provided the perfect measure of our success.

One of the tenets of Humourology is to use lightness and laughter to overcome difficult moments. While we would have loved to win, The Humourology Podcast would not be The Humourology Podcast unless we used our sense of humour to find the brightness among the tough times. The true measure of success, for us, is the number of smiles we have been able to share with our listeners.

Success can be measured in many different ways. When you share smiles with others and lead with laughter in mind you can see the success in every situation. There will be moments in both your career and your life where you might fall a bit short. However, when we approach life with a sense of humour and cut ourselves some slack, we can focus less on our perceived shortcomings and more on the wonderful things that bring us joy in what we do. Connecting with others and sharing moments of laughter, learning, and leadership can be even more rewarding than any accolade.

Smiling together

Humour helps humans connect. Over the last few years, we have had the opportunity to connect with thousands of people from all walks of life. Our guests have come from the worlds of business, sport, entertainment, and leadership. They have provided invaluable information for our listeners about laughter, leadership, creativity, and connection. The sheer number of high-profile guests that we have been able to share with our listeners is measure enough of The Humourology Project’s success.

The most rewarding aspect of The Humourology Podcast is truly the support of our listeners. Without you all, this podcast would not be possible. We can see the success of Humourology just by the number of listeners who take time out of their day to learn from our guests and share a smile. Your support means the world to me.

If you are new to The Humourology Podcast, I invite you to explore our backlog of podcasts. These episodes feature dozens of amazing and insightful guests that share both their knowledge and their love of humour with our listeners. Our success grows with every listener with whom we can share a smile.

See you next Tuesday.

Paul x

PS I was also given the honour of being a judge for The British Podcast Awards (obviously not for my category – otherwise Humourology would have won by a Trump-like landslide! 😉. It was really interesting to spend several hours listening to new and diverse podcasts. It is a privilege to be for Humourology to be considered worthy of being given a seat at the top table of the podcasting elite.

You can see the other winners here.

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