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Honoured to be Honoured

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While it is nice to be recognised by royalty and your country for your work, it pales in comparison with earning the pride of your family.

I was absolutely honoured when I heard the news that I was to receive an investiture from the Royal Family. Due to the coronation of King Charles, all the investitures this year are a little later than planned. Last week, I had the honour to receive my honour at Buckingham Palace from Anne, Princess Royal.

I was delighted that the person giving me my honour was Priness Anne – the person who is renowned for having the best sense of humour in the Royal Family. She spoke to me for four or five minutes about being the Pitch Doctor, and then mentioned that she was absolutely fascinated by Humourology.

She said, “I truly believe that humour is a fabulous bonding tool and crucial to success in every aspect of relationships.”

It was kismet that my life’s work was honoured by the member of the royal family that values the power of humour the most.

My life’s work has been focused on the power of humour, communication, and connection with others. Whether I am talking about pitching, presenting, or podcasting, the joy of my work has come from my ability to help others. To be honoured for my work is just the cherry-on-top to a lifetime filled with meeting countless amazing people and providing guidance wherever I could. It just goes to show that when you do the work to help others, you are really helping yourself.

While it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day at Buckingham Palace, the most important thing for me was not the honour, the swanky surroundings, or relaxing with royalty, but the simple pleasure of sharing the moment with my family. It was especially special for my 92-year-old mother.

My wonderful Mother was born into less than salubrious circumstances in the East End tenement blocks of Glasgow and survived there through the war. She then made the big move to come to London where she met, married, and had a child (me) with a Hungarian refugee. As she said on the day, “coming from mine and your late fathers background, it’s quite a leap to imagine your little boy taking you to Buckingham Palace to be given a prestigious award by the King.”

While it is nice to be recognised by royalty and your country for your work, it pales in comparison with earning the pride of your family. Whenever you or your family have any kind of success, make sure you celebrate and share the smiles. Capture those moments in time, and you will be forever wealthy.
I am grateful to the Royal Family, to my wonderful Mother, and to all of you for sharing in my success and smiles. Sharing a laugh and some learning with all of you has been just as rewarding as this honour. Keep smiling, and success is sure to follow.

See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

PS. From now on, I will of course be behaving in a much much grander manner and, at the very least, expecting all of you to curtsey whenever you are in my presence! 😉

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